Michael Pluszek


I was born outside of Copenhagen in 1972 and built a career focusing on growing and maximizing companies.

The Hamburger Period:

For 8 years I worked for McDonald’s in Denmark, I was trained at the Hamburger  University in Michigan, USA, while rocketing to a position as the Restaurant Manager, managing several McDonald’s restaurants around Zealand, including some of the largest ones.

The Coffee Shop Experience

Then, in 1999, I met Kenneth Luciani and together we set out to teach the Danes to drink coffee – the Italian way. Kenneth was the founder, and I was hired as the Operation Manager and the right hand to Kenneth. That was an amazing experience and I was part of that journey until 2012. Baresso was sold a couple of years after and is now part of a bigger expanding plan in Scandinavia under the name Espresso House.

The Cleaning Experience

I then spend 3 years as a single owner, creating a Cleaning Business Brand from 0 to plus 60 people and revenue of 10.000.000 DKR. I wanted to make a difference in the cleaning business and show that it is possible, to grow a business in a very difficult market, and at the same time create an amazing team, delivering high quality services. We had customers as Mercedes Benz head quarter, many Matas Shops, Fillippa K, CinemaxX on Fisketorvet and many more.

I partnered up with one of my clients, who I had helped grow his cleaning company for a couple of years. Actually the client also doubled his more than 10 year old company within a couple of years. Late 2017 Michael /I sold his my shares of Plusren to his partner.

The Growth

I always had a big passion for growth. The human potential, business growth, physical, mentally and emotional growth. And I always felt like making a difference for other people. I coached clients since late 2012, after leaving Baresso Coffee. And I helped my clients in many ways, to achieve their goals and overcome life obstacles. You can read their review here: LINK TIL REVIEWS.

In between leaving Baresso mid 2012 and the beginning 2016 I had the privilege to travel on and of around the world and join some real life changing seminars, and work with some of the world´s best trainers and coaches. And thats been a life changer and also an amazing experience.

Me helping entrepreneuers growing their business

Since late 2017, when I was out of the cleaning business, I invested my time 100 % into helping entrepreneurs grow their business. And his programs, has made a big impact to many clients, as they grow their businesses and potential.


My Vision is to help as many entrepreneurs, to financial and personal freedom, as possible.

Michael in numbers:

  • 8 years with McDonald´s Denmark. Storemanager most of the time. Biggets shop I operated, had around 130 team members in the busiest time.

  • 12 years with Baresso Coffee, from 0 to approximately 50 shops and 500 team members in 2012

  • Less than 4 years creating Plusren from 0 to 60 team members and + 10.000.000 dk. Revenue

  • Before the financial crises Michael owned + 14 properties in Copenhagen

  • When crises hit, Michaels numbers where a minus of arround 10.000.000 DK.
  • Invested close to 2 million Dk. in seminars and coaching

  • By 2018 the total of Michaels business and personal finances is a plus of a couple of million Danish Kr.