børns voksenvenner

My passion is to help people grow and develop towards their True Potential.

I have a deep inner feeling, that contributing to people who can’t take care of themselves or are in a bad situation – Is part of my journey and what we all can give back.

So part of the sales that we make in Your True Potential, will be allocated to contribution.

Right now, as I am in Denmark, it will help those closest and in need.

As we grow, I know the contribution will be bigger and help even more people – And I am so grateful that this is possible.

From my heart

Warm regards

I already supports Børns voksenvenner København, an Organisation supporting Kids who need more love and guidance.

Letter of Appreciation from Børns Voksenvenner 2016

Letter of Appreciation from Børns Voksenvenner 2015

Børns voksenvenner

You can also help by support Børns Voksenvenner København, by donating an amount of your choice.